January 20, 2019

MSI GS65 Stealth Review


CPU Intel Core i7-8750H
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
DISPLAY 15,6 FHD (1920 x 1080) 144 Hz
RAM 16 Γα DDR4
WEIGHT 1.82 kg


MSI has finally lifted the leading notebook line to the elite status of MSI GS65 Stealth 2018, offering the best technology. After earning the editor's Choice award, MSI gaming notebook offers monstrous performance in an attractive frame, as opposed to numerous attempts by competitors.

The result is a sleek, portable 15-inch laptop in a 14-inch case, capable of high – performance gaming, as well as intensive graphics work at an affordable price-cheaper than key competitors. If you're looking for the perfect laptop capable of surprising, you've just found it.


MSI fortunately went in a different direction regarding the look of its flagship slim and lightweight laptop, focusing on the device much more attractive. You won't find sharp corners or red LEDs on the laptop – rather, you'll find a sleek, black device with subtle gold accents on the lid, as well as double loops and around the touchpad.

These gold accents you'll also find eye-catching laptop heat vents, but nowhere else on the black aluminum frame. As a result, we get one of the most stylish gaming laptops to date. You can always take it to the coffee shop without stressing your commitment to eSports League tournaments.

Do the math, GS65 Stealth weighs only 1.88 kg and the thickness is measured 17,53 mm. the Laptop will easily fit in your backpack and will not delay the shoulders, which is impressive, given that the MIS discussed the option to make it even thinner and lighter, but chose the Ethernet port and the 8-hour working time.

However, while MSI has obviously made every effort to increase battery size, the size of the laptop denies the work done. And yet in front of you is one of the most portable gaming laptops.Being thin enough, it saves not only space for a large selection of ports, but also a SteelSeries keyboard with lots of stroke and excellent feedback. In addition, the keyboard has RGB backlighting with 16.7 million colors and SteelSeries GameSense, which changes the backlighting behavior to synchronize with the gameplay in supported games.

The glass-coated touchpad feels great and does not cause unnecessary clicks while typing, which indicates a good palm failure.

Now another reason we suspect MSI has made the frame a bit thicker and the overall weight of the GS65 Stealth heavier is the need to make room for a three-fan Cooler Boost Trinity heat system. And a little more about that. Despite allocating extra space, MSI was unable to get away from the tiny and tinny speakers that are pointing downwards. Just grab a gaming headset and you'll be fine – especially given the number of MSI settings designed to improve the experience.


3DMark sky diver: 29435 / fire strike: 12233 / spy time: 4619;

Cinebench (CPU): 845 | chart: 105 frames / s (frames per second);

Number Of Points In Geekbench 4: 4969 (Single-Core) | 17898 (Multi-Core);

PCMark 8 (Home): 3913 points;

PCMark 8 (battery): 3 hours and 36 minutes;

Working time (video test): 4 hours and 38 minutes;

Middle-earth: Shadow of War: 119 fps (1080p, Low) | 68 fps (1080p, Ultra);

Total War: Warhammer II: 116 fps (1080p, Low) / 56 fps (1080p, Ultra);

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